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Brush Calligraphy Pen Colour 12-Pack

Brush Calligraphy Pen Colour 12-Pack

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A set of 12 richly saturated colours that are fully blendable with water and other Sign Pen brushes.


  • Versatile for a variety of techniques including feathering, cross-hatching, outlining, calligraphy and detailed work
  • Wear-resistant, pressure sensitive, flexible tip
  • ACMI Certified Non-toxic
  • Water based ink
  • Colours included: (1) Burgundy, (1) Blue Black, (1) Olive Green, (1) Turquoise Green, (1) Pale Brown, (1) Light Green, (1) Light Grey, (1) Pink Purple, (1) Pale Pink, (1) Pale blue, (1) Grey Blue, (1) Blue Violet, (1)



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